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  • franz ferdinand
  • mitski
  • death grips
  • nine inch nails
  • sweet trip
  • too much to list (more...)


  • saw series (in my mind its a trilogy)
  • evil dead trilogy
  • reanimator
  • happy together
  • the thing


  • resident evil series
  • pokemon
  • silent hill
  • earthbound
  • dead by daylight
  • sonic series
  • rhythm games as a whole
  • a lot im probably forgetting

 other: old tech & retro futurism, cooking, textile arts, fashion


19 + he + white

mixed media artist

im a tme transsexual that loves horror, cute things and overanalysing media
living in naarm (melbourne) on stolen wurundjeri land
perpetually a work in progress

twitter / letterboxd / pronouny.xyz