ill probably write reviews/in depth thoughts on media i consume here eventually

i finished watching ash vs evil dead the other day and i have very conflicted feelings on it and cant say its anything more than okay in my eyes. anyway i love the evil dead movies god bless

messing around with after effects again since i really want to start doing video essays but the whole writing part is too overwhelming for me right now. trying my best to make the most of the time even when i cant do a whole lot

i watched resident evil infinite darkness the other day when it came out and honestly the most i enjoyed it was when i was making fun of it. pretty par for the course in terms of animated re but ykno. still wondering why they didnt just make it another movie because im not entirely sure making them into episodes really lent itself to the story. they also keep showing that they dont know how to write leon anymore between weird propaganda and making him overall acting out of character makes me sad. wont get too caught up in it though considering. what it is. shenmei deserved better though.

i have a few blockprints ive made but never done a proper print with - only test prints... i wanna show them off and put them on here but i gotta actually do something with them first.

thinking about a blog as a kind of museum. whether its entirely text based, more akin to a journal, something entirely image based or a mix of the two, you are your own curator. i have no obligation from anyone but myself to keep something like this alive but i try my best anyway. i like looking back on things, snippets in time, memories of my own melding together it all ends up the same in the end

i dont have many thoughts but wanna share some video essays ive been thinking about... saw 2004: game theory and why adam lost, resident evil 7: the roots of horror filmmaking, the trials and tribulations of video game remakes & the future of writing about games. i hope anyone that reads this enjoys these

the idea of making more distinctly personal art is scary. i know i dont have to show it to anyone but i want to be able to. making something "pretty" out of my trauma is a nice way of healing. imo anyway

this is my first blog post! ive been meaning to make a page on here for the purpose of more... longform thoughts i have on various things. i hope im able to keep this updated at least to an extent. probably going to talk about media that interests me without worrying about having to sound professional or possibly annoying people with my thoughts. if youre reading this...enjoy!